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  • kanru, thinker, cervantes, ting, wpan, bchien

Action Items

New action items

  • Update BuildDisplayList milestones. +thinker, bchien
  • Find reviewer for bug 1024669 +kanru, bchien, cyu

Action items from last meeting

Project Status

Quantum Flow

Web Painting - Improve DisplayList Memory Locality


  • [DONE] Make sure consensus and tech design with Quantum Render team before 2/22
    • QR will not touch BuildDisplayList
    • We will improve the BuildDisplayList perf

Remove Sync IPC Everywhere


  • [IN PROGRESS] Refactor found/profiled sync IPC to old async IPC bug 1331674
    • PScreenManager under review
    • Will work on Spellchecker bug
  • [DONE] Block/Disallow new sync IPC been added bug 1336919
  • [IN PROGRESS] Easy use async IPC (build async infrastructure, refactor as new interface) bug 1313200
  • Enforce all sync IPC to use new async IPC

Quantum Telemetry


  • [IN PROGRESS] Implement telemetry probe to measure event to display latency bug 1313465
    • Reviewer agreed to put telemetry code in PresShell. Need to update patch
  • Define more telemetry probe

TaskTracer integration to Gecko Profiler


  • [IN PROGRESS] Default compiled into nightly binary
    • Verify runtime overhead with talos test
    • Patches almost ready. Trying to build tasktracer by default on try.
  • Dump gecko profiler and tasktrace data from runtime memory to gecko profiler file
  • [DONE] Add-on supports to support task tracker


Crash Client (Breakpad) Improvement


  • [IN PROGRESS] Heap memory in minidumps bug 1286802
    • Windows port finished. Cleaning up patch for review.
  • [IN PROGRESS] Include thread names in minidumps bug 1024669
  • Include thread names in minidumps web interface
  • Include JS Stacks in minidumps bug 1295918
  • Include JS Stacks in web interface

Windows Dynamic Analysis Improvement


  • [DONE] Make ASan build for Windows
  • [IN PROGRESS] Enable Treeherder Tier 3, and fix crash bugs (ETA: Begin of March)
    • Updated clang on tooltool for building both ASan and clang-plugin
    • Cannot login loaner machine.
    • Send patches for review.
  • Enable Treeherder Tier 2, and fix crash bugs
  • Enable Treeherder Tier 1, and fix crash bugs (Exit on green light)
  • Handover to sheriff and release engineering

Previous Week


  • bug 1331173 NEW:: Bigger Header segment capacity for TaskTracer
    • bug 1331173 is landing
  • bug 1346151 NEW:: Fix building time warning messages of TaskTracer
    • bug 1346151 is landing


  • bug 1320134 NEW:: Crash in xul.dll@0x4d768 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0x4d739 | xul.dll@0...
    • bug 1320134 - update the patch and retest on try
  • bug 1286802 NEW:: Add some heap areas to the minidump
    • Working on bug 1286802
  • bug 1346151 NEW:: Fix building time warning messages of TaskTracer
    • Reviewed bug bug 1346151


  • bug 1340699 RESOLVED::FIXED Move TestAUSReadStrings from 'make check' to / xpcshell
    • bug 1340699 ni'd assignee for the test binary actually is not included in the package
  • bug 1333003 ASSIGNED:: Add a test platform for win64 ASan
    • bug 1333003 submitted current patches for reviewing, timed out on treeherder don't seem to be related
    • bug 1333003 trace mozbuild to understand how can i make asan runtime dll everywhere a binary is generated


  • bug 1310127 RESOLVED::FIXED Use MOZ_MUST_USE in netwerk/protocol/http
    • bug 1310127 - rebase to central
  • bug 1341531 NEW:: Measure input event to event dispatcher (handler)
    • bug 1341531 - request review

This Week Priorities


  • Fix tasktracer mutex lock order patch
  • Try maintain dirty region on frame tree
    • Need to discuss with CJ
  • Take a look at antialias text wrong width bug


  • To land input latency telemetry patch
  • To clarify the user story of input latency telemetry


  • Spellchecker sync ipc bug
  • Sort out backlogs
    • [ps-radar]
  • Review patch for JSPlugins


  • To land TlsAlloc patch
  • Clean up heap-in-mindump patch for windows for review


  • Figure how to connect to windows loaner machine to debug timeout issue
  • Patches for review
  • Windows debugger sharing