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I am trying to embed a rudimentary browser into my C++ app on Linux and Windows (MinGW) using wxWidgets.

This page looks like where I need to be however it contains virtually no information about how to embed. Most of the content on the page is how to compile XULRunner or use the SDK.

I downloaded the code samples from Mercurial but there are many folders/files and the code does not include a lot of high level comments. Very difficult for a newbie.

IMHO the key questions that should be addressed on this page:

  • How do I insert a browser window in my app?
  • How do I load a web page?
  • How do I load content from memory?
  • How do I implement basic navigation?
  • What libraries from xulrunner do I need to link to my app?

I don't mind contributing that content once I figure it out but if somebody beats me to it, even better!


Hi jc,

I think you did not carefully take a look at the instruction about the Embeded New API. There is clear manual and test sample project on the main page of New API.

But it did not have example for wxWidget. Here I give you a simple example (learned from the QT sample project) to help you getting started with the MozView (embeded API)

thanks -Jiez