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Shared work items

Several projects host Tamarin or want to, including at least: Flash, ActionMonkey, Adobe AIR, ExtendScript, and ScreamingMonkey. Multiple teams have interest in the following high-level tasks. (The names are tentative; these people have been nominated, some in absentia.)

  • Benchmark development. (Dan Schaffer, Ed Smith, John Resig, Moh Haghighat)
  • Tracing viability. (Adobe)
  • Memory management. (Tommy Reilly, Jason Evans)
  • Interpreter speed. (Steven Johnson. Mozilla may put work into this later in the year.)
  • ECMAScript 3 compliance. (Dave Mandelin.)
  • ECMAScript 4 compliance. (Lots of people, but it's still a bit too early to dig into this.)
  • Platform support - first tier includes x86-32 and ARM; second tier, PPC, x86-64; then Sparc, HP PA/RISC later as needed.
  • 64-bit support generally.


See JavaScript:ActionMonkey.