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{{nowiki}} encloses the entered text in <nowiki> tags, in order to prevent wiki markup to be parsed and executed along with all the other wiki text on a page. If you, for instance, want to prevent an URL to become a clickable link, or need to demonstrate how to create an internal wiki-link, {{nowiki}} is a useful template.


  1. <nowiki> tags doesn't escape ampersand functions, such as HTML character entities. If you want the output page to show the entity code, use the character entity of the ampersand (&), &amp;, to produce the ampersand in the entity you want to demonstrate. Example: to show the entity for a non-braking space, &nbsp;, type &amp;nbsp;.
  2. Template markup, i.e. curly brackets, will be parsed, but not executed, using this template. That means the underlying code, that is applied on your text, will show in the output. For demonstrating template markup, you should instead use {{tl}}/{{tn}}, {{tlc}}, {{tlf}}, {{tlp}}, or other templates that specifically target that issue.


There is only 1 parameter, which is unnamed and required.


The template's syntax is

  • {{nowiki|custom text with wiki markup }}

Required parameter


Text with wiki markup
  • {{nowiki|1}}


Case What you type What you see Comments
Basic use You '''can''' ''demonstrate'' [[how to use]] <u>wiki</u> {{sup|markup}}}} You '''can''' ''demonstrate'' [[how to use]] <u>wiki</u> <sup>markup</sup> Notice that templates are parsed, but not executed using this template.
URL https://www.example.moz}} https://www.example.moz Without <nowiki> tags, URLs automatically become clickable, e.g. https://www.example.moz