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{{warning}} creates an information box intended for warning messages. The box will show at the position on the page where you put the template, and stretch horizontally to fill the width of the available space and vertically depending on how many rows of text are needed.

To use the template, type {{warning|custom text}}.


There is only one parameter, which is unnamed (below called 1). The text inside the box can be formatted using wiki-code.

Custom text

1: Custom text

This parameter is used for entering the message text. It is not strictly required, but strongly recommended, since the template is more or less useless without it. The parameter is unnamed, so no parameter name needs to be entered.

The text you enter will be prefixed by the string "Warning: ".


  • {{warning|custom text}}


Example case What you write What you see
Plain text {{warning|This is your message.}}
Warning signWarning: This is your message.
|Wiki-formatting {{sup|can}} '''be''' ''used'' 
'''''in the''''' <sub>message</sub>. <br />
You can use wiki-code to, e.g.
[[link to stuff]],
* list things,
make text <small>small</small> or <big>big</big>,
 and include pre-format boxes.
You can even

insert empty rows.}}
Warning signWarning: Wiki-formatting can be used in the message.

You can use wiki-code to, e.g. link to stuff,

  • list things,

make text small or big,

and include pre-format boxes.

You can even

insert empty rows.

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