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This page is to keep track of the current work on supporting officially the Windows 64 bit builds of Firefox.

We are currently providing the builds out of a single machine that produces the builds a couple of times a day. The builds are being provided with updates.

This machine has to be upgraded to add more release and automation tools so we can clone more slaves out of it.

I have created the #win64 IRC channel in case you need to chat with people involved with the Windows 64 bit builds project.



Machine info

Tracking bugs

  • bug 471090 - Known Windows x86-64 bugs
  • bug 558448 - Tracking bug for automation work
    • talos, unit tests, try server and release support

Major known bugs

  • bug 570133 - No Flash for 64 bit Windows builds
  • bug 548035 - Breakpad symbol dumping for Windows x64
  • bug 521193 - jemalloc support
  • bug 569268 - Users need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) to start application (MSVCR100.dll). download