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There are a couple of steps you need to follow install the STEEL extension for Thunderbird.

1) Save Extension

Go to bug 408370 and download the latest extension attachment

1a) Save Attachment As...

Right click the attachment link and choose Save As...'


1b) Save As: thunderbird-steel-ext.xpi

Bugzilla files often end up trying to save as attachment so you should save it as something nice like thunderbird-steel-ext.xpi


2) Install Extension in Thunderbird

Open Thunderbird. I'm using the latest thunderbird nightly, you can probably use a latest release version of thunderbird

2a) Tools —> Add-ons

Choose the Tools —> Add-ons menu item.


2b) Install

From the Add-Ons window click the Install button.


2c) Open: thunderbird-steel-ext.xpi


2d) Install Now

Click the Install Now button when it's available



That's it! Now you should have the STEEL extension installed with your Thunderbird and ready to be used.

Checkout the STEEL Examples to get started