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This Week

I got less done this week, because I took all of Wednesday, half of Thursday and half of Friday off. Checking my timesheet, I've worked about 50% time.

  • Continued looking at the issue of whether we have private mailing lists which shouldn't be private; preliminary answer is "probably not", which is good
  • Further discussions about the rightness of forbidding selling copies of our binaries
  • Further updates to Committing Rules and Responsibilities - defining them has uncovered some areas of uncertainty
  • Call with Mark last Friday clarified some things
  • Working on a plan of what to do, and how to attack it - lots more to find out
  • Further discussions on evolving CSP spec; fed back on comments from Microsoft
  • OpenTech 2009 presentation on the Open Internet (Saturday)
  • Firefox Launch Party, London (Monday)
  • Reminded SoC students and mentors that it's mid-term time
  • Mentored SoC students:
    • Pedro is making great progress with the addon for crcsync
    • Have agreed goals and plan with Seulki, now looking for time estimates and starting work

Next Week

  • Work week in Toronto