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What is this project all about?

The common goal of the project is to give all developer-facing teams a shared understanding of app developer needs throughout their journey of creating, launching, and supporting their app. Additionally, some developer teams have come to us with specific questions and deliverables that they've asked us for at the end of the project.

At the end of the project, we hope to present a report of all our findings, as well as smaller artifacts of work. Stay tuned!

Research participants

We interviewed 12 mobile app developers: 6 in the Bay Area, and 6 in Warsaw Poland.

We were primarily interested in:

  • mobile web app developers who use cross-platform tools
  • former native iOS/Android developers who are now using web technologies to write their apps
  • to a lesser extent-- web developers who are writing mobile apps for the first time.

These three groups have been identified as the ones that will give the developer teams the most value in learning about.

The research locations were chosen to reflect two distinct tech cultures (e.g. US vs. Europe), language requirements, etc. It also takes into consideration a location where Firefox OS phones are being sold. There are of course other combinations of locations that fit the requirements, but we had to pick somewhere to start

Research approach

We conducted contextual interviews in either the homes or workspaces of each participant. Each interview lasted 2 hours.

A contextual interview is a qualitative research method which allows us to immerse ourselves into a target audience's life and understand the underlying mental models behind their words, actions and beliefs. The goal is not to get statistical validity about specific practices (e.g. we won't conclude that x% of app developers use our dev tools) but rather to understand shared cultural norms which allow us to create guidelines for the overall experience.

Who to contact for more information

Larissa Co ( and Cori Schauer ( from the Strategy and Insights team are the main contacts for this project.


Some pictures of our work in progress (note: these may not be the final insights and themes we come up with!)

April 7-11:

Dev-analysis2.jpg Dev-analysis1.jpg Dev-analysis3.jpg

April 14-18:

Dev-analysis4.jpg Dev-analysis5.jpg