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Eduardo Urcullu Madrid
Eduardo Urcullu Madrid
Personal Information
City: Ciudad del Este
Country: Paraguay
Mozilla-specific Information
Wiki-Userame: Edumadrid185
Mentor: User:Deimidis
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: {{{gpg}}}
Website: Eduardo's Website
Twitter: edumadrid185 {{{}}}
Jabber: {{{jabber}}}
IRC: Urcu on in


Founding member of the Mozilla Paraguay community, and contributor with Mozilla Hispano, participated in the evangelization and spreading of Mozilla Firefox and especially in my country and in some international events, collaborate with Mozilla since 2009


MozCamp Hispano & JRSL Chile 2009, Free Software Asuncion 2010, Mozilla Summit 2010, Latinoware 2010, and talk about Firefox in local events and community support

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July 2011 Edumadrid185 report July 2011
August 2011 Urcu report August 2011
December 2011 Urcu report December 2011
February 2012 Urcu report February 2012
January 2012 Urcu report January 2012
July 2011 Urcu report July 2011
November 2011 Urcu report November 2011
October 2011 Urcu report October 2011
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