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Meeting notes

  • Telephony
    • Received patches for audio deamon
    • Started work on integrating radio with gecko
  • Battery
  • SMS
    • Polishing, fixing bugs and adding functionnalities to get ready for reviews
    • Possibly this week or next
  • Files-in-IDB
    • Patch hopefully ready for review tomorrow
    • Uses virtual filesystem through moz-storage API
  • IDB
    • New version API landed. As are a few followups.
    • Still got one followup to get reviewed/landed
    • deleteDatabase mostly done. Needs tests
    • All key handling is being rewritten to not use nsIVariant and to make arrays-as-keys easier to implement
    • Recursion-level assertion is happening consistently for JanV
  • Vibrator
    • Some race conditions still happening.
    • Patch is up which has no race conditions.
  • Contacts API
    • Still at API-drafting stage
  • QA