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  • Doug
  • Mounir
  • Bonnie
  • Jonas
  • Gregor

Meeting Minutes

  • dougt:
    • device storage
      • landed
      • posted a patch to do enumeration filtering based on modification dat
        • waiting on feedback
      • working on mac failure reported by djf
      • file handle support
        • not a priority - 2-3 days of work
    • intern paul working on 'onchange' support
  • mounir:
    • one day off (public holiday)
    • per-app security model
    • Web Activities stuff
    • reviews (too many...)
    • mailing-lists and misc
  • bonnie:
    • Idle API:
      • Mostly green tree on try. Failing my mochi tests on try but passing on my laptop?
      • Otherwise ready for review.
    • String Encoding/Decoding
      • Started working on it.
  • Jonas:
    • Coordinating appcache integration for OWA API
    • Started looking at what tasks are needed for security model
    • Reviews of patches
    • Reviewed camera API
  • Gregor:
    • Multiprocess for settings api
    • settings API security review tomorrow
    • started working on domeventtargethelper for JS