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  • Ben
  • Mounir
  • Doug
  • Paul
  • Bonnie
  • Malini
  • Gregor
  • Jonas
  • Kyle
  • Round table / open discussion

Meeting Minutes

  • bent:
    • landed multiprocess indexeddb work
    • this week has a few things planned including fun with sqlite on android
  • gregor
    • e10s support for settings api landed
  • Jonas:
    • Reviewed Bent's IndexedDB patch
    • Provided feedback for Alarm, Push, Camera Control, Network statistics, Settings notifications APIs
    • Security reviews
  • Mdas
    • Waiting on more information from Qualcomm to see if we can share some device testing infrastructure.
  • Bonnie:
    • Idle API:
      • Fixed my mochi test error on try.
      • Getting some other random try errors that do appear in bugzilla but also seem to be fixed. Will further need to look into this.
      • Try to generate the same try errors on my machine or the try test slave.
      • String Encoding/Decoding: currently focusing on Idle API try errors.
  • qDot
    • landing more device api
    • bluetooth stuff
    • socket api
  • round table
    • jonas on vacation next two weeks
    • b2g milestone 3 showcase
      • pretty good shape
      • good progress being made
    • application signing (bsmith)
    • we'll try Vidyo next week