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  • https://github.com/mozilla/localForage
  • W3C working draft for DataStore API
  • Ben's worker stuff landed \o/
  • Blobs and Inter-App Communication API
  • synchronous re-entrant message ports needed for Shumway
    • khuey going to work on this
    • (only for chrome Shumway usage)
  • locale-based sorting in IDB for DataStore
    • Jonas suggests Ben Kelly may be interested in doing this
    • will need API design and implementation
  • Network Information API
    • Gene and Fernando will work on the API, Marcos is doing use case design
    • Jonas thinks we should expose the connection type and the bandwidth number for mobile connections
    • Gene says that exposing the bandwidth number is not implementable on all platforms
    • Jonas thinks that we should use a combination of known bandwidth values per connection type and also gathering connection statistics from network requests handled by Gecko
    • We're worried about exposing wifi versus data
    • Marcos wants to know more about the use cases, directly from developers