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Webdev:Velocity 2009 Notes

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  • Metrics that Matter
    • Measure end user response time, not network or server time
    • Measure flows (registration, checkout, etc)
  • Fixing Twitter
    • Make everything a queue
    • Use google analytics for outage page to track problems
  • Shopzilla
    • Increased performance has a direct correlation with higher revenue and pageviews.
    • Averages don't mean anything, get the median and percentiles.
  • Optimization (js)
    • Running code is slower than not doing anything
    • be aware of lookup chains, use locals
    • beware of live collections
    • avoid the reflow
    • writing javascript like it's C makes it faster
  • Facebook
    • "Test with real users, don't test in the dark." -- WTF (talking about unit testing, not scaling)
  • Flickr
    • http://www.kitchensoap.com/2009/06/23/slides-for-velocity-talk-2009/
    • automated infrastructure
    • shared version control between webdev and IT
    • one-step build *and* deploy
    • continuous integration server (Hudson)
    • dark launches
    • ganglia monitoring
    • New code (dev)
      • what metrics will changes, and how!
      • what are the risks, signs something is going wrong
    • Ops
      • be transparent, give devs access to systems

  • Overall
    • Graphs or it didn't happen
    • Measure everything you can
    • IT & Webdev/engineering should overlap and have same goals