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Static Content

These are the physical files on the disk and stored in SVN. The majority of content is in these physical files.

Thoughts on static content:

Static Content will be in flat files (instead of a CMS driven db)

  • This makes revision control easy (svn)
  • This makes the site fairly portable
  • Localizers can work on files without being online

Checking out from SVN

  • Due to the difficulties with commiting to SVN from apache, I'd like to investigate checking out files as we need them, rather than supporting an entire checkout. For example:
    • User clicks "edit"
    • we check out the file they want to edit to a tmp directory (with their username over ssh)
    • when they finish editing it, it gets committed, and the tmp file is removed

Committing to SVN

  • Commits will happen from the apache user. This complicates things a little, but should be doable:
    • Give apache an SSH key
    • Tie user accounts in the CMS to the ssh key
    • The --username and --password flags make no difference here, so we have to make sure the URL has the username in it
    • SVN will commit as the user in the user in the URL

Pushing changes to live site

  • This will be interesting. Can we merge trunk->tag programmatically (and reliably)?

Dynamic Content

This is the "news" that is stored in the database. These show up on the front page and in the press URLs (per language).