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Scope of Taskforce

Based on feedback at Web Universe session at Summit it seems like there are two areas where the Taskforce can provide value:

  • Creating opt-in guides and resources
  • Providing a point of contact for currently unowned website issues

Operations of Taskforce

Any one issue may or may not be of interest to a member of the taskforce, so it would probably work best to have people take an issue that's important to them and then present to the group. Proposals could then be approved or updated as needed.

Proposed priorities

Based on the ideas presented so far, the following is a draft list of initial priorities for the task force to consider (in no particular order):

  • Dynamic content server
  • Increase discoverability (there's a ton of great content out there and some of it is pretty buried)
  • Common design elements (standard footer, color palette, fonts, etc.)
  • Legal checklist and guide
  • Website ownership issues (documenting owners? are there gaps to fill?)
  • Coherent domain name strategy (*, *, *, etc.)
  • Audit of existing guides and resources
  •  ???

Anyone should feel free to suggest new things for the taskforce to consider.


  • Do we want a new forum or use an existing one (website-drivers?, mozilla-org group...)
  • Does this time work?
  • Next meeting: Thurs, Aug 26 and then last Thursday of each month?

Meeting Notes