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The purpose of this document is to make these requirements known and understood for people interested in releasing a new web application on Mozilla infrastructure.


  • Ensure that deployed web apps are of sufficient quality to bear our brand and be presented to the target community
  • Ensure that our applications are respectful of their shared environment and resources
  • Provide for timely and reliable validation and deployment of updates to applications
  • Ensure that expectations of availability, resource limits, turnaround time, and other such factors are well-understood by all parties, and negotiated to mutual satisfaction
  • Remember we're one team trying to serve millions
  • Group hugging is mandatory


  • Give IT and other affected groups as much notice as possible
  • Have documented requirements
  • Must be code-complete, meaning it meets your base requirements
  • Must be in a repository
  • Must be reviewed by Webdev before staging and deployment
  • Must be reviewed by Product Management before deployment
  • Must be reviewed by Marketing and User Experience before deployment
  • Ideally would have some sort of testing scripts written for code coverage.
  • Code must run on current IT infrastructure/software. Exceptions/additions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and require more ramp up time.

Okay, so now what?

  • File an IT request to get things rolling. Explain the above items in your bug, and when you want to release your app. We will work together as a team to get it done.