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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm Pacific time (21:00 UTC until March 9, 2008)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 650 903 0800 x91 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • +1 416 848 3114 x91 Conf# 8600 (Canada)
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for backchannel

note: all participants are muted automatically; if you want to talk, press *1 to un-mute yourself

Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Jesse Ruderman nominated Dave Townsend (Mossop) for figuring out and fixing the hard-to-reproduce Find bug 404773.

Jesse also nominated Philip Taylor who contributed a few hundred <canvas> regression tests and made it super-easy for us to incorporate them into our mochitest framework.

David Rolnitzky nominated Ryan Flint for the extensive work he did identifying security related issues with the relaunch of the US Mozilla Store.

Development Updates

Fx / TB

Thunderbird builds became available this morning (12/10). QA has begun testing. The current plan is to get TB into Beta on late Wednesday or Thursday morning.

TB 3

Gecko 1.9

  • Beta 2 is a Go - Currently under build control.
  • Next stage is QA testing the RC.
  • You can find where we are in the process here.
  • Branching/tagging has started. As soon as it's complete, we'll re-open the tree to Beta 3 blockers and approval1.9+ bugs.

Firefox 3

  • Beta 2
    • Build has control at this point, automated builds kicking off soon
    • Big thanks to everyone who pushed hard to get all of the P1s landed last week
  • Beta 3
    • All P1/P2 bugs needed to be fixed.
    • Working on continuous review of blockers at the low end (P3/P4)
  • Key remaining pieces of the puzzle
    • Places
      • Adaptive and more intelligent awesomebar
      • JSON-backed bookmark backup, faster and complete.
      • Completion of Places Organizer work
    • Content Handling/Management
      • Complete UI implementation for Download Manager
      • Final pieces for better protocol handling
    • Visual Refresh
      • Proto for Mac OS X on by default
      • Implementation of Windows theme
    • All Other Blockers

Calendar Project


  • More kernel updates (in progress, some done on Thursday, some this week)
  • Gear is in China, mrz is enroute to do physical setup
  • PHP5 app migration, ongoing for the next few weeks
  • Addons stats - working to help solidify the back end data warehouse for addons dashboard
  • Bugzilla


  • FF3.0beta2 being built with automation(!)
  • TB1.5.0.14 being built manually.


FFx 3 [tchung-QA lead]

  • Beta 2 testing planned for this week and next.
  • See: Critical QA issues
  • Wrote the Location Bar test plan, and had it reviewed. Wrote a number of Litmus test cases for and verified Location Bar bugs/implementations. [stephend]
  • Places: triaging Places bugmail (reading, triaging, commenting, filing), verified 15 bugs fixes, reviewed and updated 50 test cases in Litmus Bookmarks Full Functional Test suite (FFT), and drove Friday Bookmarks testday for 6 hours. [tracy, abillings]
  • Tested password manager, some places testing over the weekend, security privacy, search, profile migration [tomcat]
  • Continued Assertion testing. See bugs filed. Created reftest for bug 404553-ASSERTION: Child not at the right index? with table, marquee, span and title. [mw22]
  • Accessibility [ Marcoz]:
    • Worked with Seth Spitzer and Aaron Leventhal on getting correct content in the new AutoComplete popup bug 406355. All except for one screen reader can now handle the AutoComplete in beta 2.
    • After community member/Orca developer Scott Haeger pointed out a problem with documents no longer being exposed, we filed bug 406595 and pinpointed regression range. Aaron Leventhal and David Bolter fixed the bug, reviewed, and the fix approved and checked in within a few hours, so only the Dec 3 nightly build had been affected by this total breakage. [marcoz]
  • More [in-litmus?] test request triage. ~50 bugs triaged and assigned. [marcia, tomcat, stephend]

Thunderbird [abillings-QA lead] - Triaged bugs and verified bug fixes last week. Testing is starting today for release on Dec 19th.

Unit test framework: Deployed and helped debug the new crashtest on unittest machines. See bug 397725 [robcee]

Performance/Talos [Alice-QA lead]

  • Pushed mini winxp set to production!! bug 404593
  • Figured out ts time variance on linux
  • Built a new winxp image. Now have full set of images!
  • Submitted and reviewed a number of patches:
    • Added timeouts per page to catch page failures faster-bug 406835
    • checked in Schrep's leopard-fix patch-bug 405185
    • Increase timeouts for Tunit-bug 406639.
    • Chromeless talos minis-bug 406874.
    • Increase built-in talos timeout per test to 8 hours-bug 406878.
  • [alice, robcee, bhearsum]

JS Test Automation

  • JavaScript tests now running on jstest01 for shell and browser while reporting accurate fixes and regressions. See Sisyphus colums at the left on MozillaTest tinderbox Added a number of expressions, extension and regression tests. [bc, robcee]

Partners: Shipped Rock your Firefox 0.6


  • Hosted Firefox 3 Beta Places/Download Manager/Location Bar Testday. See Results. [tomcat, stephend, others]
  • Next Test Day is Friday December 14th! Please join us!
  • Re-designing Minefield/Gran Paradiso products/firstrun pages to encourage more community testing. Waiting for feedback from belzner or madhava. Will use feedback to get started on a mockup for QA review (ETA 12/18 IF I get feedback from UE team; if not, will need to push out another week to 12/25) [jay]
  • Finalizing betatesters mailing list posts. This will help get more focused testing on FFx 3 beta releases. [marcia, jay]
  • Received lots of feedback from visually impaired Firefox 2.0.x users providing valuable feedback to the usability of pages. Most of the comments are already addressed in Firefox 3, and as soon as beta 2 comes out, they will be able to test them. Some people expressed an explicit interest to test the 3.0 betas. Others will be waiting for the release, but will undoubtedly watch feedback coming from those who will be testing. [marcoz]



  • Operation Firefox update - final submissions in, reviewed and will be posted soon to operationfirefox.com.
  • Site redesign for Firefox 3 underway.


  • Proposal to use SUMO as in-product help in Firefox 3 [1]
    • Import in-product help content to SUMO
    • Get localizers to update it for Firefox 3 there
    • Update help viewer in Firefox 3 to use Firefox 3
  • 0.2 milestone implemented in the staging server; will go live today or tomorrow



  • New Mobile FAQ is up with a lot of help from the Mobile team. Should help people understand more of what we're doing around Mobile. Roadmap is soon to follow.
  • Tons of new interface reference documents courtesy of the busy students at Seneca.
  • Editing on Firefox 3 documentation is ongoing.
  • Launched For the Record mailing list, two dozen people signed up with the project and we've started receiving news items of interest, including a Guardian story and writer that Melissa deemed valuable and forwarded on to our PR team in the UK for follow-up.
  • Published about:mozilla issue #3. #4 will be next week, but then there may be a 2 week hiatus whilst Deb is on winter holiday.
  • Beta 2 developer outreach: we want to get a ton of web developers working with Firefox 3 beta 2, so please help make sure that developer communities you're involved with know that they should check it out and give us feedback.

Mozilla Labs

  • Extend Firefox
    • 45 entries to date, contest ends Dec. 31, 2007
    • Wednesday 12/12 - 2:00pm PST - Meeting to discuss review process of incoming extensions. Dial in: +1 650-215-1282, extension 91, conference ID 267; 800-707-2533, password 369, conference ID 267
    • Technical session schedule posted on the Extend Firefox site - next session is an IRC chat with Michael Wu this Thursday 12/13 at 2pmPST on #extdev.
    • Testing Extend Firefox entries - volunteers needed to test contest entries! Let Rhian know if you are willing to spend a couple of hours testing incoming extension contest entries.
  • Personas
    • We're planning on rolling out a new version of Personas as a Labs project within the week.
    • Thanks to fligtar for his help getting this site up.

Webdev, Add-ons, AMO

  • Rock Your Firefox 0.6 launched last week, just some minor updates
  • Breakpad issue 112 filed Friday, firedrill going on to fix and get processor caught up
  • An issue with report submission on Vista has popped up, Ted is working with QA on this
  • AMO templates are nearing completion, staged and testable by end of week -- see progress so far
  • mozilla.com CMS will be deployed this week, thanks to clouserw for the hard work!
  • work on PHP5 migration for AMO
  • Personas work done/staged (fligtar++)
  • Looked into blocklist behavior

Foundation Updates

  • Grants and related activities
    • Ariel Rios completed his Foundation-funded project to add the Accessibility::Collection interface to the AT-SPI accessibility API for GNOME; for more information see GNOME bug 326516.
    • Patrick Michaud is making good progress on his Perl 6 and Parrot work (jointly funded by the Perl Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation).
    • Zak worked with Frank on some new grant proposals.
  • CAs and related issues
    • Frank approved the SwissSign application and opened bug 407396 for inclusion of the SwissSign certificates in NSS.
  • Miscellaneous
    • We have a new #foundation IRC channel for anyone wishing to contact us real-time.
  • Upcoming trips and related activities
    • Frank will be in Mountain View on December 11 (afternoon) and 12.

For more information see the status reports from David, Frank, Gerv, and Zak as they're posted.


Other Business