1.9.1 beta 2 checkins

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Of late, our tree has been less a sturdy trunk and more a delicate flower. To keep it safe, we're metering checkins and ensuring a successful test run after each.

Once you're ready to check in, please add yourself to this queue in the appropriate section:

Beta 2 Blocking bugs

If your patch is for one of the remaining Firefox 3.1 and Gecko 1.9.1 blockers for b2, please list it here:

  • IRC/bugzilla ID - Bug Number & Description

Patches with approval1.9.1b2+ or NPOTB

The only other patches we're taking right now are those marked with approval1.9.1b2+ or those that aren't part of the build. If yours is eligible, add it to the bottom of this list, and the sheriff will let it be checked in once the patches above it have landed.

  • IRC/bugzilla ID - Bug Number - Description - Notes