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NGA Toolkit - Data Sync Bi-weekly meeting notes


  • Team updates
    • Fernando
      • Busy with NGA Toolkit Service Workers
      • Working on the sync storage server/client part
        • WIP for Bug 1168153 - Sync 1.5 storage client
        • Bug 1173862 - Make storageserver.js support version 1.5
    • Sean Lee
      • Read remotestorage materials.
      • Prepare the material of Cloud Storage for WW in Whistler.
      • asynchronous flow control library for javascript: https://github.com/weilonge/foco
        • Provide better performance of priority queue feature than async

    • Eden
      • Firefox-ios sync mechanism study.
      • "FirefoxOS cloud storage support" presentation preparation and bug fixing

  • Meetings in Whistler
    • Wednesday 1pm-2pm at Westin (Alpine B)
      • NGA Tookit - Data Sync status update
      • Firefox Sync on FxOS
      • InApp sync
        • File storage
          • Doc storage
    • Wednesday 9am-10am at Westin (Alpine B)
      • Meeting with the Cloud Services team
    • TBD Meeting with Product/UX teams
    • Please contact Suzanne directly for meeting reservation now

  • New hire for the sync engineering team. Starting on August. Focusing on In-App sync.