5.11.2010 Kickoff Meeting

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  • Mozilla QA Kickoff
  • May 11, 2010, 8:00am PDT, 6:00pm Romania
  • Dial-In Numbers
    • +1.641.715.3200
    • Passcode: 120740#


  • Matt, Mozilla
  • Tony, Mozilla
  • Aakash, Mozilla
  • Ady, Waverley
  • Adriana, Waverley
  • Patti, Waverley


  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Exchange contact information
  • Schedule weekly call
  • QA process
  • Project discussion
  • Wrapup


  • The Team
    • Patti - Program & Account Mgr at Waverley
    • Ady - QA Manager for Waverley
    • Adriana - QA, for Waverley
    • Matt - QA Director at Mozilla
    • Tony - QA Manager for mobile at Mozilla
    • Aakash - Mobile Firefox QA lead
  • Everyone post contact info on wiki
  • Weekly meeting, Tuesdays at 8:00am
  • Nightly regression test of the daily builds of the mobile browser product
    • smoke tests, BFTs (basic functional tests)
    • gives a daily indication of where the software is
  • Going forward that set of tests may change
  • Waverley team free to make suggestions on test cases content
  • Litmus is test case management system, Waverley will have free access to that
  • Daily status report template? Mozilla prefers to keep everything on wiki and not through email
  • Aakash takes the team through wiki page at https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Fennec/Waverly
  • What is the tool for creating bugs? Bugzilla. Aakash will add bugzilla info to wiki.
  • Matt asks Aakash to also put IRC info in setup section
  • Communication through IRC but can do Gtalk if necessary
    • maybe pick an "office hour" hour when we all commit to being on, 8am-9am pacific
    • new mobile person who has started and is located in the Netherlands, which will have more time overlap with Romanian team
  • Arrange one-on-one tutorial for Aakash to lead Adriana through how to run the tests and report results, Litmus and Bugzilla
    • adriana will let aakash know when she's ready; in the next day or so
  • National holiday in Romania May 24
  • Check-in after a few weeks, Matt expects the current amount of work to not fill a full work day once Adriana gets up to speed, so will need to add desktop testing as well
  • Email with whole team is good for changing priorities or dealing with unexpected issues

Action Items

  • Waverley team to all go create wiki, litmus, bugzilla, etc accounts
  • Team to put contact info on wiki
  • Matt to send calendar invite for weekly status meetings
  • Matt to create an alias, i.e. waverley@mozilla.com, for email communication