6.1.2010 Weekly Meeting

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  • Firefox Mobile QA
  • June 1, 2010, 8:00am PDT, 6:00pm Romania
  • Dial-In Numbers
    • 1-800-707-2533
    • pin 369
    • Conf# 245 (US)


  • Matt, Mozilla
  • Aakash, Mozilla
  • Adriana, Waverley
  • Ady, Waverley
  • Patti, Waverley


  • Status
  • Issues/Other
  • Upcoming Schedule


  • Status
    • AIs
      • ady to investigate getting android device - done
      • matt to put together spreadsheet he wants adriana to fill out
      • adriana to fill out new spreadsheet daily with basic summary info
    • waverley team has android device, what to do with it?
      • matt asks should have daily testing by end of this week? aakash plans to do a couple of days of smoke testing to find issues then give some time to get them fixed
      • put results into google spreadsheet instead of logging bugs at this point
  • Issues/Other
    • adriana will follow up with mfinkle today on IRC to see if there's a related bug to the one adriana sees - it's not always reproducible
  • Upcoming Schedule
    • continue on nokia testing plans and ramp up android testing
    • matt considering what work will be next to add to the team

Action Items

  • None