6.15.2010 Weekly Meeting

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  • Firefox Mobile QA
  • June 15, 2010, 8:00am PDT, 6:00pm Romania
  • Dial-In Numbers
    • 1-800-707-2533
    • pin 369
    • Conf# 245 (US)


  • Matt, Mozilla
  • Aakash, Mozilla
  • Tony, Mozilla
  • Adriana, Waverley
  • Ady, Waverley
  • Patti, Waverley


  • Status
  • Issues/Other
  • Upcoming Schedule


  • Status
    • today ran smoke tests on nightly build for win7 and ubuntu and mac snow leopard
    • continues on basic functionality tests for win7
    • having problems find existing bugs, using advanced search. tips?
      • that always defaults to highlight duplicate, recommendation is to uncheck that
      • then also narrow down to product
      • can also use keywords in the summary
      • what about version and target?
        • in version field there is trunk, branches, unspecified, etc. most bugs should be on trunk. bottom line is ignore it when searching and then use trunk as version when making new bug (nightlies are off the trunk)
    • matt says cycling through platforms is a good approach
      • there's not even a 64 bit win7 build, probably will come in a week
      • 32 bit is better focus
      • matt would like to add XP into the table of mixes
    • takes 4 hours to run smoke tests
  • Issues/Other
    • second resource start coming up to speed? yes. patti will follow up with matt to amend SOW
  • Upcoming Schedule
    • android status? aakash says nothing to update. still working on patches, no schedule for it
    • BFTs on targeted platforms that are close to release
    • run smoke tests on mac and linux and then BFTs on XP.
    • also would like adriana to explore more in firefox 4 beta. tony will send link to tracking feature list. focus on these new features that could impact integration across the board.

Action Items

  • patti to work with matt on SOW amendment
  • tony to send beta feature list