6.22.2010 Weekly Meeting

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  • Firefox Mobile QA
  • June 22, 2010, 8:00am PDT, 6:00pm Romania
  • Dial-In Numbers
    • 1-800-707-2533
    • pin 369
    • Conf# 245 (US)


  • Matt, Mozilla
  • Aakash, Mozilla
  • Tony, Mozilla
  • Adriana, Waverley
  • Patti, Waverley


  • Status
  • Issues/Other
  • Upcoming Schedule


  • Status
    • adriana going on vacation next week, new resource, vlad, will come up to speed this week and then take over for adriana when she's gone. when adriana returns, vlad will join the team permanently
      • matt confirms that's ok and that next week firefox will be the focus so adriana will concentrate on training vlad for that.
  • Issues/Other
    • SOW sent by Matt E to patti; patti has forwarded to Matt B and should get an answer soon
    • adriana's status email would be preferred to be on wiki. then email would be needed only if something urgent is happening.
      • mozilla will provide a template for adriana and vlad to follow to replace the daily email
    • firefox 4 testing is being set up by juan, tony will invite him to this meeting
  • Upcoming Schedule
    • firefox beta focus for next week

Action Items

  • tony to invite juan to this call