8.31.2010 Weekly Meeting

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  • Firefox Mobile QA
  • August 31, 2010, 8:00am PDT, 6:00pm Romania
  • Dial-In Numbers
    • 1-800-707-2533
    • pin 369
    • Conf# 245 (US)


  • Matt, Mozilla
  • Tony, Mozilla
  • Aakash, Mozilla
  • Juan, Mozilla
  • Adriana, Waverley
  • Ioana, Waverley
  • Ady, Waverley
  • Patti, Waverley


  • Status
  • Issues/Other
  • Upcoming Schedule


  • Status
    • firefox
      • code froze for beta 5 yesterday, getting builds today
        • linux already came in today
      • start with smoke tests and aakash will send email later today with assignments for the team
        • adriana asks if both she and ioana should work on firefox testing and matt inputs that firefox is the priority. tony agrees and says they will come up with a plan for all overall resources and then communicate assignments
    • fennec update
      • some big new features coming in
      • fennec team wants to code freeze on 7th.
      • ioana reports no major or critical bugs have been found running BFTs
    • new droid device? it's in Timisoara (another town) today, will be in Cluj in 2-3 days.
    • test cases are always under development and will be being added to
  • Issues/Other
    • none
  • Upcoming Schedule
    • aakash on vacation from wed through next monday
    • romanian office out on friday for company offsite
    • mozilla and US waverley office closed on monday for labor day

Action Items

  • none