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AMO Contributing

Setting up AMO

AMO is a big project with a lot of moving parts, so read the instructions carefully. The Firefox Marketplace used to run out of the same code base so there may be some left over pieces. Feel free to help us clean those parts up.

The Development Flow

Generally, development flow will go:

  • Contributor is assigned or finds a bug to work on and assigns it to him/herself.
  • Contributor makes a patch for the bug and generates a github pull request (a short commit message including the bug id).
    • If no one responds to the pull request within a reasonable timeframe, say something in #amo on IRC.
  • Generally a pull request will be approved (r+) with a few comments (wc) to fix. The contributor would fix any problems and update his pull request (keep a single commit).
  • The reviewer should merge the pull request.
  • The reviewer or the contributor should paste the URL of the commit into the bug, set the target milestone to the current date, and close the bug.
    • If the contributor doesn't have permissions to modify bugs, simply ask in #amo on IRC
  • Done! Thanks for your help!

Bugs to work on come from this saved query. That's not to say you can't work on others, but those are the higher priority and recommended ones.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure a bug is assigned to you if you are working on it! Otherwise we'll have overlap and collisions.
  • Read the hacking documentation for style guides, testing, etc.
  • .po files are automatically generated. Don't mess with them unless you really need to.

This is a wiki! Add any other useful information! :)