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UPDATE: This was a brainstorming page that led to the creation of JS TestNet

The Zamboni Django app has quite a bit of JavaScript now for features on the site. We currently don't have any automated tests to run so here are some ideas about how we can make a test suite.


  • Tests help to refactor existing code
  • Tests make it easier to upgrade libraries like jQuery or external plugins
  • It's easier to work on another developer's features without fear when there are tests
  • A good testing environment helps to simulate errors and timeouts that can be hard or impossible to test manually

What Do We Want?

  • Quick tests, easy to run during development
  • A test environment as close as possible to production, which is mainly the Firefox web browser
    • Really? What does that mean in practice (os/browser matrix)? A simpler goal is unit testing (pure JS environment) and integration testing (Fx or other).
    • If a pure JS environment was "pretty close" to production then that would be fine. A problematic scenario would be where something worked in the tests but not in production (the browser has its quirks!) --Kumar303 08:45, 16 November 2010 (PST)
  • A test suite that can run reliably in CI and deliver meaningful results
  • the ability to use a DOM since most features involve attaching behavior to the DOM
  • We want to create small integration tests that verify one or more widgets, not large functional tests that focus on website behavior (QA writes tests for that)
  • User interface tests that do not rely on a server. That is, no actual Ajax requests just mock requests (if needed).

Test Runners



  • Pros
    • Tests are in a more readable format
    • Doubles as documentation
    • some builtin utilities for async testing (like wait())
    • runs in a browser, like production
  • Cons
    • Might be tricky to integrate into CI


  • Pros
    • can take advantage of the node.js world (like require statements!)
    • nice command line output
    • easy for CI
  • Cons
    • Needs a mock dom (like jsdom?)
    • might take some fiddling to get things working outside of the Zamboni template stack (loading JS libraries, etc)
    • will it be similar enough to production? (i.e. Firefox)
  • Notes

Mock Objects

To simulate errors and not depend on a web server, it makes sense to mock out Ajax requests.

  • The mockjax jQuery plugin works well for this