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Goals for this quarter are to hit a cadence where we are in a cycle of testing and improving the site, with regular updates to the site based on real data. Areas of focus.





End Users


Button Copy

Let's try a variety of names for buttons:

  • Install
  • Download

Getting Help


Simplify the search function:

  • Have a simple search box on the right side of the page, at the same level as the title (Add-ons for Firefox). A dropdown to its right can toggle the advanced search panel and the categories menu.

Show miniature thumbnails below the main add-on image, in style, instead of the bulky Image Gallery below. Also include a Zoom link to make it obvious that the images can be made larger.

Show 5 or 7 reviews instead of 3.

Rock Your Firefox Promo

Replace the collections module with a Rock Your Firefox promo.