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The Quality Top 5

This week is our catch-all.

On the radar

Other work that requires status updates.


Discussion of potential intern. Regarding dev tools work we need to be clear about the target audience and the work involved. The dev tools themselves have accessibility user issues. The inspection/dev capabilities should cater to web developers. Another tempting thing is Surkov DomI style capabilities but perhaps as dev tools addon?

  • action davidb to push for dev tools accessibility bug fixes Q2.
  • action davidb to identify toolkit Ux person. (relates to video controls etc)
  • Discussion of CSUN
    • Google a11y dev meeting
    • Capti Narrator
  • Discussion of FOSS AT Mozilla timing. We're thinking *not* to coincide with Para Pan Ams.
  • Gaia Regressions
  • Discussion of webkit involvement