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This is a FFOS edition of BarrierSmash

The Quality Top 5

Updates on:

  • 1 bug 1072092 Status bar icons are screen reader accessible in the full screen apps like the Gallery
    • FIXED!
  • 2 bug 1069345 bug 1069347 bug 1069348 bug 1139963 Visibility of Gaia dialogs may need exclusive visibility.
    • Assigned during meeting.
  • 3 bug 1069353 Unlock "button" does not work with screen reader when PIN is configured
    • Assigned during meeting.
  • 4 TBD
  • 5 TBD

What's new?

On the radar

Update for:

  • Marionette js side embedded a11y checks need to go in treeherder.
    • Run and collect failures. Enable the ones that pass, fix fails and iterate.


  • Google and Mozilla spawned technical browser a11y implementation mailing list.
  • CSUN conference update.
    • FFOS talk went well, was in a competitive time slot. Very well received by attendees.
    • Google has doubled down, lots of engineers working exclusively (?) on accessibility. They threw a big party and had a big presence. Awesome!
    • Foliot and Chaals discussion about fixing accesskey conflicts.
    • Various hallway chats.
  • Q2 goals! (espeak?)
  • FFOS V3