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Special Guest

  • mhoye will tell us about "One and Done"
    • NOTES: minimal contributor pathways
    • We want to make it easier to add tasks and measure success.
    • The site a11y needs to be checked.
    • We want testing sites for a11y to be part of One and Done (me: Marco Tenon Q2?)

NOTE: The regularly scheduled part of our meeting below has been moved to offline updates (Marco and Gijs as primary).

The Quality Top 5

From the previous FF BarrierSmash meeting:

  • 1 Firefox front-end bug 1132036 and related bug 1107695.
    • This impacts users every day, especially when they want to try outnew features such as Hello or use social sharing services which only have stuff in the tool bar, or want to use the new Search UI. The latter may require toolkit/a11y collaboration to get the anon stuff working right.
      • LAST WEEK'S NOTES: Need MZ reply for Bug 1132036. Bug 1107695 fixed and uplifted all the way to Beta.
  • 2 front-end bug 633899
    • When opening the in-content Settings, or Add-Ons manager, initial focus is on some unknown accessible object and one has to do an extra tab to get somewhere useful. Old content would put focus right in the list of tabs/categories, and in Add-Ons, this should put one on the first usable control.
      • LAST WEEK'S NOTES: No update. GK will try to get prioritized for upcoming FF iteration.
  • 3 front-end bug 1067446
    • Provide a means for assistive technology users to know whether they're dealing with an info bar or door hanger. Related for doorhangers is also long-standing bug 653226, which appears in doorhangers frequently. We need to settle on a keyboard model for these split buttons and bring consistency into this thing.
      • LAST WEEK'S NOTES: No update. GK wants more discussion with MZ. (Discussed difference/similarity in notification and doorhangers).
  • 4 core bug 473206 - "GetTextAtOffset returns wrong values for the current line if the source file contains carriage returns."
    • LAST WEEK'S NOTES: No update.
    • and possibly other text-related bugs still lingering that cause our assistive technology partners grief.
  • 5 Core ARIA stuff like aria-hidden, name calculation etc.
    • LAST WEEK'S NOTES: No update.

On the radar

  • Video controls, identify Ux and next steps.


  • Goals...