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Mobile Edition

The Quality Top 5

On the radar

Other work that requires status updates.


  • Discussion of android work.
    • We need to do a new chrome parity analysis (and figure out new Android a11y API capabilities). Engage community here?
      • their html API might be more ready for use (probably small changes needed).
      • bigger things are what larger things could be removed from accessfu now?
      • gingerbread is currently at 5.7% of user base, icecream sandwich is 5.3%... jellybean is ~30, kitkat is ~40... we could move to cleaner code if we drop some version support for future work.
  • work on accessfu is not blocked on FFOS direction entropy.
    • text editing?
    • discussion of speech input, seems to be being used a lot on iOS.
    • pocketsphinx