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Desktop Edition!

The Quality Top 5


On the radar

Updates on e10s crashers, progress and work ongoing. Lorien is working through some DOM side work as part of one of our tricky crash fixes.


  • Long discussion about dev tools work and need for a11y sleep mode. Yura wants it for test automation as well.
  • Discussed Future of XUL
  • another e10s readiness discussion, general feeling FF isn't ready
  • M is working to make One-off searches on about:home and about:newtab accessible.
  • discussion of bug 452800 - HCM and text areas.
  • need someone to pick up the hello, share button, pocket a11y work (add menu alternative?)
    • we need to find out of the Ux revisit is going to happen soon.
  • Windows 10 + FF + NVDA is good.