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Roll-up edition: Desktop and Mobile

  • Text bugs
    • reduce test cases
    • filed to right component (e.g. layout)
    • marked as dependencies to a11y bugs (likely filed by Jamie)
    • Action: oof, lots of bugs, davidb to take next step (caret STR)
  • E10S roadmap/plan
    • Trevor is starting to look at Windows, event stuff, (needs to deal with unique id stuff).
    • text caret nav on linux, Trevor to ping Joanie.
    • Lorien trying to finish text stuff on mac.
    • discussion of FF 43, 44, external help.
  • FFOS updates
    • yzen adding more testing infrastructure specific to gaia components
    • more and more component integration in gaia apps
    • improvements to marionette a11y testing, baseline patch nearly ready
    • no false positives yet in the gaia a11y test work.
    • marionette will become available across all products, including desktop
    • need to note this in our e10s a11y testing bug (apparently we have some?!)
  • TTS updates
  • Meeting evolution
  • Intern