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  • intern!
    • onboarding process
    • interns self organized dinner
    • feedback, a first week event would have gel'ed group.
  • regular work stuff
    • discussion of keyboard Ux for dev tools (breadcrumbs)
    • Yura, heavy on e10s tests, fixing dev tools keyboard traps.
    • MZ, heavy on manual testing, bug triage, will connect with dev tools a11y user at Deque.
    • EI, met with Deque (Axe plugin integration), feedback is an a11y tree would be helpful, may resuscitate the related addon. *Action*: send Helen Axe addon for Ux feedback. Will keep as addon for now for rapid flexibility. Postpone integration. WebSpeech, polish. Touching Android.
  • Felipe screen reader emulation!?
  • regressions
  • roundtable