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  • MZ: ready to land <details> <summary> patch
    • reflow causes us to recreate an accessible which causes eventing difficulty, followup needed.
  • bulleted list hang fixed (HT Alex).
  • YZ: tests - additional caching tests awaiting EI review. For disabled tests, there are bugs open. (Confirm with Trevor who will own)
  • dev tools - targeting completion focus regressions end of June.
    • working through a11y shutdown with Alex. Have test(s).
  • NP: working on keyboard a11y for devtools.
    • Have accessibility pane showing up. Going through code to design right way to display stuff.
  • DB: Benetech collab -- DIAGRAM+
  • London -- no surprises!
  • Async API -- early days
  • MZ: a11y conf in October -- MZ to follow up with Billy