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Open discussion

MZ: There will soon be a new bugzilla interface. Working with that team to get the a11y bugs fixed, this week. ⅜ bugs fixed, some in progress. Usable but some regressions. Form fields don’t have labels associated yet. Pounding on Firefox e10s. Tracking progress.

NP,YZ: Nancy finishing up her devtools a11y bugs.

YZ: thanks for testing windows jaws ff… seems to only crash when I build. Attach a debugger to content process on Yura’s local build EI: try building with disable debug Working on regular nightly indicates emulation works! Yura will throw Marco a build.

DB: e10s resourcing

YZ: XPCOM on windows, there is a lot unimplemented. Browser chrome tests that test e10s stuff… are xpcom test. On windows these tests are disabled because xpcom stuff is not implemented. Alex suggested fredw old work… that tests platform (desktop) API. Does it make sense to spend time on xpcom fixes for windows… (?) What other use would xpcom have? Do we need it for anything else? Accessfu? (EI: not an issue, don’t use proxies.) MZ: I think testing MSAA/IA2 is a good way to go. EI: to me it makes sense to have both.

Shane McCarron?

  • discussion on windows com proxies*

Followup decision on testing. Platform tests should happen regardless, but on what schedule?

There are no COM tests now.

EI: Webspeech Working to integrate espeak into FF. Have good speech in linux because speech dispatcher lacks functionality we need. Consistency. Windows has bad language coverage. Only in Windows 10 is it free and easy to do. Spoke to Olli… I want emscriptened version in tree. Maybe we can cut pico out of the tree. Remove all local sound paths (media stream crap). We would unblock some media stream issues (Bug 1330360) Internal and external stake holders on our speech strategy here? Internally: Existing issue of trying to narrate articles in lang they don’t have. Externally: license issues?

MZ: going to CSUN feb 27-Mar 3