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multi-process work (Quantum a11y)

Attendees: NP, AS, EI, YZ, MZ, DB

  • EI: looking at bug 1268544 as documentation, and offering to take on bug 1288839
    • Yura and Eitan will divide and conquer.
  • current windows top crashers, seems to be lifecycle issues.
  • other than NVDA no other AT seems to work well with e10s yet.
  • NP: devtools is looking at rewriting things in react.
    • team: to protect against regressions we need to ensure tests. Devtools does respond to test fails.
  • platform tests: we want them, but not sure of schedule.
    • fredw work
    • AS: xpcom API is complicated because we want to include so much quasi-platform-like coverage
    • discussion of AOM
  • AOM
    • Alex has some prototypes in js, get* is prototyped in gecko.
    • EI: When we do start implementing, can we start with simple things.
      • AS: We have some behind a pref.