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E10S updates (Quantum a11y)

attendees: MZ, DB, YZ, NP

  • E10S Stability
    • MZ: a lot of crashes the last week
      • latest NVDA build -- can't STR, so can't confirm a lot the crashers
  • Performance *skipped*
  • What is our plan for OSX? *skipped*
  • CSUN
    • MZ: waiting before cancelling, monitoring situation.
  • Devtools a11y regressions *Transition to React*
    • Transition from XUL to react could be a bigger deal WRT regressions.
      • accessibility is overlooked.
    • We can't absorb fixing this ourselves.
    • DB: are we/Mozilla really not reusing components?
      • DB: *action* talk to Patrick Brosset about strategy for a11y here.
  • NP: prep for js/c++ mapping work for tests framework.