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  • 12 days until Toronto meetup
  • EI
    • learning windows, helping with tests, planning for Nancy meetup
    • putting together dashboard for narrate telemetry
    • News from the wild! North Vancouver school K-12 will use Narrate for kids with reading challenges.
  • MZ
    • New Bugzilla will be very useable with a11y fixes landed. (h/t dlawrence)
    • Continued e10s testing. Trevor will get Marco to smoke test the combination of fixes to reland top crasher fix.
    • Snuck ARIA goodie in (role=directory, readonly) -- real world: this will fix popular german periodical.
  • NP
    • Continued work on platform tests. Intermittent issue ended up being discovery of multiple hacky FF windows with the magic class. Workaround: look for window with children.
  • YZ
    • Fixing intermittent test issue. Enabling most of our browser-chrome tests.
    • Yet another patch for emulation. (Issue with proxy vs native window?)
    • Startup crash wanting a test. Would be nice to have a platform test for this. Eitan, Yura, Nancy to investigate.
      • talking to ateam folks.
  • AS
    • aria-hidden crash - problem getting STR. Code inspection is not uncovering the problem.
    • Some AOM agreement, first step to prototype behind a flag. [DB: Activity here is low compared to other priorities]
  • e10s
    • Windows debugging, STR often include IME
  • Onboarding:
  • Activity Stream
  • Internet Health Report
    • infographic-ize the health of the internet across the world, including legislation.