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Meta bugs we (very ambitiously) want to address for Firefox3.

To use these meta bugs, you have several choices:

  1. Go to and use the meta bug alias instead of a number when you search for a bug. The aliases are listed below and are much easier to remember.
  2. Just use the supplied link on this chart
  3. Use the Firefox 3 meta bug (fox3access) and you will see the other meta bugs (HTML, XUL, ATK, etc.) listed under that.
Alias Descirption
fox3access Firefox 3 accessibility bugs (contains all the other meta bugs listed below)
atk ATK specific bugs
ia2 IAccessible2 bugs
htmla11y HTML accessibility bugs
texta11y Accessible text, hypertext and editable text bugs
dhtmla11y DHTML accessibility (ARIA support)
xula11y XUL accessibility bugs
chromea11y Firefox UI accessibility bugs
themea11y High contrast theme bugs
fox3key Key navigation and focus bugs