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Draft for New Mozilla Accessibility Landing Page


(Sorry, I'm not sure how to add alt text here or a description. The image is a screenshot of a draft for a new Mozilla Accessibility page on - KS)

Working example of the draft

Current address

Future address

Mozilla Accessibility

Mozilla has a deeply rooted commitment to helping to create an Internet that is accessible to all because we believe that persons with disabilities should be able to interact with and enjoy the Web as those without disabilities do.
Our accessibility mission is to drive web accessibility forward by example and in collaboration.

Our Mission
Learn more about our accessibility mission.

For End Users
Mozilla accessibility information, tips, add-ons, and resources for end users.

Developers, Organizations
Accessibility Information for assistive technology vendors, governments and other organizations evaluating Mozilla, web authors, UI designers, and others.

Get Involved
There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and help out with Mozilla accessibility, from simple things like spreading awareness to fixing bugs.

[Contact Us]
Information on how to contact the Mozilla Accessibility team and communicate with the accessibility community.

Please consider making a donation to Mozilla Accessibility. Your contribution will help us to continue to create free, open source solutions for people with disabilities.

Accessibility Grants
Read about the organizations and projects we fund that are developing free, open source options for those with visual and auditory impairments.

Follow Us
Stay connected with Mozilla Accessibility through social media services.