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Aside from individuals from within the Mozilla accessibility community, social media, an unquestionably essential tool for reaching people today is not currently be used collectively, under the Mozilla Accessibility name.
We aim to change that through Mozilla Accessibility social media accounts and campaigns.
This project is also a way to expand contributor opportunities (currently focused on engineering)


  • Increase Mozilla Accessibility's web presence
  • Keep people informed about our progress and efforts
  • Bring in more contributors
  • Promote accessibility awareness

Social Media Accounts

  • Twitter @moza11y
  • @moza11y
  • @moza11y
  • Facebook - Need to create
  • about:accessibility newsletter - Need to create (discuss with Paul Booker, David Bolter)
  • Others?

Alternative Options and Info for Users

To Do

  • Bring in new contributors to drive this (we're trying to expand/grow and create new contributor opportunities)
  • Create cohesive deign elements for all accounts
  • Decide on a content plan for social media updates, especially for when there isn't any new Mozilla accessibility specific activities