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CSUN Information

CSUN 2007 Conference Stay at the Marriott or Hilton, but make sure you mention that you are part of the conference in order to get the conference rate.

The hotels sometimes have trouble finding the reserved block information. Blocks are booked as follows:

Marriott - "CSUN 2007 TECH"
Hilton - "Northridge, Center on Disabilities"


Name Project Days attending
Aaron Leventhal Mozilla accessibility module owner, IBM Monday (afternoon) - Saturday
Frank Hecker Executive Director of Mozilla Foundation Wednesday (afternoon) - Thursday
Tim Riley Director of QA for Mozilla Corporation Tuesday (afternoon) - Saturday
Michael Curran NVDA open source Windows screen reader Monday morning to Sunday evening
Steve Lee Jambu open source on screen keyboard project Monday (evening) - Saturday (afternoon)
Charles Chen Fire Vox, CLiCk, Speak, AJAX accessibility Monday (night) - Sunday
Gijs Kruitbosch Chatzilla accessibility 17 (arrive evening) - 24 (leave afternoon)
Peter Thiessen AJAX chat component for Dojo Monday (arrive 6:40) - Sunday (morning leave)
David Bolter Thunderbird, ARIA, and GNOME a11y Wednesday (after lunch) - Sunday (morning)
Michael Stewart IAccessible2 testing tool Monday afternoon - Friday
Peter Parente Linux Screen Reader (LSR) and Accerciser AT-SPI testing tool Monday afternoon until Friday evening
Aaron Andersen XUL accessibility guidelines and checking tool Wednesday (pm) - Saturday (pm)
Simon Bates Dojo accessibility Monday (evening) - Sunday (morning)
Alex Faaborg User Experience Designer, Mozilla Corporation Thursday and Friday (will be speaking Friday at 8 am at Mozilla session)
Sina Bahram Rmote Access Bridge from NC State University Accessibility Tuesday afternoon/evening to Friday evening
Tim Miao Sun China Desktop Accessibility QE Team Tuesday afternoon

Meeting Room and Technical Presentation Schedule

Booked! Marriott – Marina del Rey, March 19-24

Date Time Title Speaker(s)
Tuesday All Day Tuesday a11y Summit with the Mozilla team getting together to discus and hack on the current projects. Open keyboard, MC Steve Lee
Thursday 12-1:30 PM, LSR technical discussion and tutorial (extension creation, hacking the LSR core) Peter Parente
Thursday 5:30-6:30 PM, Orca technical discussion Will Walker
Friday 10-10:45 AM Mozilla testing overview and infrastructure Tim Riley
Friday 12-1 PM Accerciser hands-on tutorial and discussion Peter Parente


Booth 401 in the Marriott

General Sessions of Interest

The full schedule contains many interesting presentations.

Here is a short list of presentations with direct relevance to Firefox:

Date Time Room Title Speaker(s)
Wednesday, March 21 10:40 AM Marriott - Atlanta Augmenting MSAA to Enhance Accessibility and Multi-platform Development Peter Brunet, Larry Weiss
Thursday, March 22 9:20 AM Marriott - Boston Linux Screen Reader: Customizing Application Access for Users and Developers Peter Parente
Thursday, March 22 4:25 PM Marriott - Atlanta Collaboration and Web Access using the Orca Screen Reader Mike Pedersen, Willie Walker
Thursday, March 22 1:45 PM Hilton - Carmel Dojo: An Accessible JavaScript Toolkit Becky Gibson
Friday, March 23 8:00 AM Hilton - La Jolla B Firefox's Accessibility Ecosystem Doug Geoffray, Frank Hecker, Aaron Leventhal, Scott Moore

Tuesday a11y Summit

In the meeting room. A chance for all those working on Mozilla a11y projects to get together, demo or explain their projects, discuss problems and hack solutions. Expect to do a short intro to yourself and your project(s), chat about it, open your laptop and have some good geeky fun. Aaron Leventhal and Michael Stewart are otherwise engaged.

Name Times attending Project or subject Time for talk
Steve Lee All day Jambu, XULRunner + python and iA2 10 mins
Peter Thiessen All Day AJAX chat component for Dojo + Fire Vox + Dojo accessibility + AJAX accessibility 10 mins

Loose Schedule

  • Monday, arrive and meet everyone
  • Tuesday, hack on code (mostly without Aaron due to IBM scheduling conflict)
  • Wednesday, hack on code and set up booth. Staff booth from 4-7 PM
  • Thursday, take turns staffing booth, attending conference, and working together
  • Friday, take turns staffing booth, attending conference, and working together
  • Saturday, last day, pack up booth, and then head to the beach (or wherever we decide for an "offsite". We can help each other digest the conference and relax at the same time.) Ideas welcome!


We haven't organized marketing yet.

Please add ideas for booth materials:

  • CD's with useful things like docs and Fire Vox (organized by Charles Chen). We need to update
  • Stickers
  • Banners (what should they say?). Wonder if MoCo still has the CSUN 2006 banners where they can find them.

Please add other ideas for mob marketing etc.:

  • Give Firefox stuffies and banners that say "We support Firefox accessibility" to any other organization's booth, where they help support Firefox accessibility (GW Micro, AI Squared, Freedom Scientific, Nuance, Sun, IBM, etc.)