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This a roadmap or a planning page for a random thoughts around the development story.


Make add-on development a joy to do with a small set of well documented tools that are easy to use. Some of the ideas were:

  • Add-ons should be developed using existing editors and tools
  • Add-ons should be able to loaded easily, unsigned from a directory
  • There should be a whole host of debugging information easily obtained if anything goes wrong in the loading process.
  • It should be easy to find run the debugger on the Add-on.
  • Changes to your Add-on should be shown easily on reload, or maybe even automatically.


about:debugging is a new page that shows debugging information for developers and worked on by the dev tools team. The nice thing about this page is that it seperates out what developers need to see from what users need to see about:addons.


The add-ons and dev tools team are spread out across two lists.

Mailing lists: and Bugs:

First Meeting

There was a random kick off meeting in November 2016. The meeting notes from that are pretty sporadic and all over the place because I was busy trying to take part in the meeting and not take notes.