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UPDATE: this project has been retired as of Sep 2018

An effort to make it clear to users the ways in which extensions change the behavior of their browser.

Note from andym: I hate giving projects code names, but we couldn't think of a good summary for this project that didn't involve being confused with every other permissions and objects project. So we have Jazz and that seems cool since we have Disco Pane.

Project Jazz

Let's find a way to show users of extensions what the extensions do to their browser after they are installed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • showing a user the permissions granted by a user to the add-on
  • allow a user to revoke optional permissions from the add-on
  • showing a user which command combinations an add-on requests
  • allowing a user to change the command combinations an add-on requests
  • show what collisions in APIs add-ons might represent
  • allowing the user to override or change key functionality such as: search engines, home page, new tab pages
    • we need this for *all* prefs that are accessible via the UI and also controllable by WebExtensions
    • we need to consider whether a user should be able to specify a value for a preference, and have that block WebExtensions from overriding the preference, and if so, how would that work/what would it look like


The best way to see what's landed, apart from bugs, is in the trello board, filtered down.


Tracking bug

Tracking bug is 1342584.

Full Query
ID Priority Status Summary
1323077 P5 NEW Display the extension name when a keyword is active.
1323080 P5 NEW Don't show keyword while the keyword is active.
1373851 P3 NEW Show that a WebExtension has called theme.update
1373854 P3 NEW Show that a WebExtension has assigned an omnibox key
1375453 P5 UNCONFIRMED omnibox keywords should be user-overrideable
1390160 P3 NEW Show that a WebExtension is managing how cookies are handled
1401177 P3 NEW Show that a WebExtension is managing the document fonts setting
1406604 P5 NEW Give webextensions possibility to display notification for new page action menu icons
1408053 -- NEW [META] Show that tabs are hidden and all the implications
1413306 P5 NEW Surface the "When Firefox starts" API to about:preferences
1413350 P3 NEW Show users when an extension is modifying the current tab
1428486 P3 NEW Show extensions are using the proxy API in about:preferences
1449665 P3 NEW Show that a WebExtension is managing the document color settings
1595865 P2 NEW update about:config to show extension control of a preference

14 Total; 14 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);