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IMAP is a very good email Storage facility that allows for easy reading and searching of a group of messages in a folder. The IMAP4 protocol also includes the ability to write messages to a specific folder on the IMAP server.


The IMAP Storage would need a couple bits of information to work correctly. We should be able to use the IMAP server already setup under the Accounts And Settings, so we would need to select an IMAP account, in the Address Book settings screen, below LDAP.

  • IMAP Account to Use for Address Book
  • Folder on the IMAP Server to store Contact info

Flow: Adding A Contact

When a user adds a new contact, the interface will allow the user to add the data in the various fields on a new Address form, when the user clicks OK, the following things will occur on the IMAP server:

C: - Sent to server
S: - Received by Client
C: A003 APPEND Personal/Contacts (\Seen) {5}
S: + Ready for literal data
C: Subject: Doe, John
C: X-Email: <>
C: Content-Type: text/vCard; CHARSET=US-ASCII
S: A003 OK APPEND completed