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  • no wifi (Kostas fortunately helped us get a somewhat functional connection by tethering an ethernet connection)
    • there was wifi, I was connected all the time and some other people, yes it was slow, but there was a wifi into the room
  • room was too small, no tables, very little room to move around
    • Well is Slovenia we haven't tables as well, from where I should know we need tables? Did you tell me that? The hotel can offer us whatever we need.
  • no projector on Sunday
    • It was noted in budget list 3 weeks before the event. Why don't you tell me we need one in Sunday?
  • coffee was not drinkable :(
    • I payed the coffee from my own money, if we have more money for better coffee and milk, this will not be a problem.
  • first time in my life I am in a hotel that does not serve fruit juice for breakfast nor milk/cream for coffee
    • There was a milk during the breakfast..
  • lunch at hotel was way too expensive for what was served
    • 3 meals and water for 10E is not expensive.
  • food and during Firefox party was barely edible
    • It's coctail bites, not real food. coctail bites are not for eating a lot, but for eating while drinking a wine/beer.
  • attendance at party was low
    • 20 new people is low? Sorry mate I don't think so. Maybe you don't know our country at all.
  • poor participation of meetup attendeed in the weeks before the meetup so schedule was more or less hashed last minute by William when it should have been a collective effort
    • As i said - this is a community effort - if there is no community - there is no effort
  • Bogo was absent most of the time, running all over the place and could not join in on the critical discussions on Saturday and Sunday
    • there were 2 more people from the community, why you need me?