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Since our first All Hands in Portland (previously called coincidental work week), we've aimed to have highly committed and impactful contributors, collaborators, and volunteers join the event, integrated with employees. The Open Innovation Team is accountable for the process of getting the "right" people to the All Hands, and has established a best practice for this.

(For your reference: This current process is largely based on lessons we've synthesized from the past gatherings.)

This page outlines the nomination and selection process that will be used for the San Francisco All Hands.


The goals of the nomination process are:

  1. Invite contributors, collaborators and volunteers who are important to the success of and have a high level of commitment to specific projects, teams or Mozilla overall
  2. Have contributors and employees working in an integrated way -- during and immediately before and after the All Hands
  3. Mozilla teams are thinking about contributors strategically
  4. A process that has legitimacy with contributors and employees

Process outline

Step Start date End date
1) Team nominations -- staff nominate contributors (different process by team ... run by Organization Designate) Apr 3 Apr 10
2) Applications -- very lightweight application sent to all nominees to ensure nominees are available and want to attend Apr 12 Apr 20
3) Final prioritization -- by individual team Organization Designates based on lists of nominees who have confirmed availability Apr 20 Apr 24
4) Final selection -- based on total number of spots available, formula for allocating spots per team, and prioritization of people by team Apr 25 -
5) Invitations go out Apr 26 -
6) Registration and flight booking → information about this will be on another page Apr 26 May 4
7) Working with contributors and teams on their plans for integration/communication → plan for this will be on another page Apr 26 Jun 11

Important note

  • We are emphasizing greater gender balance (by having this as an emphasis, the past All Hands had 30% non-male genders among contributor participants)

Open Nominations

There will be no "open nominations" from non-employees this time.

Organization Designates

The following individuals are collecting contributor nominations from employees for their respective parts of the organization. You will have heard from them, but please reach out directly if you want to nominate a volunteer.

Organization Name of Org Designate(s)
Firefox/Product Mike Hoye (mhoye)
Emerging Technologies Azita Rashed (arashed)
Marketing Michal Dziewonski (vesper)
People Larissa Shapiro (lshapiro)
Open Innovation Konstantina Papadea (kpapadea)

Organization Designates will be accountable for:

  • Creating/curating a contributor nomination process for their part of Mozilla
  • Communicating within their organization about this process
  • Making final prioritization decisions (if needed)
  • Ensuring a good process across their organization to be in contact with/prepare contributors who have been invited

Number of Contributors

We have space for roughly 70 contributors.

Criteria for contributor nominees

Guidance and criteria are here.


Please first get in touch with your Organization Designate if you have questions about how to nominate a contributor or how the selection process will proceed.

If you have questions about the process in general, please get in touch with George Roter.